The Everlastying Gobstoppers appear as an ability in LEGO Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Try Chewing one of These and Break all the BlocksEdit

First unlockable in the Inventing Room: Chapter 5: Three Course Dinner when in the LEGO systematic cutscene Wonka reveals a red conveyor belt popping out the Gobstoppers.

They can be used to deflect Wonka Bots but wont destroy them simply with one hit.

With different varieties of Wonka Bots it takes more and more damage from a Gobstopper to destroy.

Gobstoppers also snap the Oompa Loompas out og Cocoa Bean craze they sometimes enter.

It will simply knock them out for a few seconds.

Also is usable in the moving Violet to the Juicing Room.

Gobstoppers is the second main candy ability you will pick up and comes in a different format and form in the Charlie Arc.

A World of Pure ImaginationEdit

Three Course Dinner Blue
Bad Eggs and Garbage Green
Mike Teavee and the T.V Yellow
The Jelly Beanstalk Red
Store Room 59 Pink
Juiced Orange
Rounding ther Squirrells Black
Molten Madness Grey
Television Chocolate White