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What About PeopleEdit

Mike Teavee is a playable character in Lego Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Video Game.

He appears in Chapter 10 of the Willy Wonka Arc and Chapter 10 of the Charlie Arc.

Mike Teavee when in Shrunken Size can insert himself into Taffy Machines which unlock doors when fixed whihc is done by Mike Stretching himself out on the inside.

Candy is a Waste of TimeEdit

Mike Teavee has different abilities and weaknesses depending upon his two forms in the movie arcs.

Mike Teavee can control the exploding candy and hypnotism candy.

He is played alongside Charlie Bucket, the Oompa Loompas, Mr. Wonka and Mrs. Teavee.

He can also enter taffy pulling machines and can teleport through television chocolate.Mike Teavee

Wonka Mobile Yes
Great Glass Elevator Only usable in Television Room
The Sea Horse Candy Boat Yes
Wonka Candy Pogonator Yes
Wonka Flyers Yes
Exploding Candy Yes
Wriggle Sweets Yes
LollyDoodle Punch Yes
Candy Cane Bomb No
Control Cane No

To Convert Energy and MatterEdit

Mike Teavee is the fourth finder of Wonka's Golden Tickets enabling you to explore his chocolate factory for one day.

Mike from the Willy Wonka arc is from Marvel Falls and from the Charlie arc is from Denver, Colorado.

Mike Teavee is obsessed with television which causes a little mayhem inside the factory.

Unlock over 100 silhouettes from the White suit to the foam covering.

Unlock hidden vehicles and oompa loompas exclusively for Mike Teavee.

Create over 100 candy concoctions only for Mike.

And experience a television boy's troubles in LEGO Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.