Oompa Loompas appear in different varieties as playable characters in LEGO Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Oompa Loompa Fiddle Te DoEdit

The Oompa Loompas come in many varieties in different levels and select arcs.
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They appear in all four game arcs.

The Oompa Loompas come as the following:

1. Normal:Edit

Different coloured suits on oompa loompas dont matter, different coloured oompa loompas does!

The normal however can fight if you are playing as them and have high jump abilities.

They also pack a mean punch and can swim quite terrifically.
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2. Harvesters:Edit

Harvester Oompa Loompas carry a large rod picker which releases the candy from the plant that holds it.

They are ideal in an a candy creation task or high need mission.

3. Blueberry Oompa Loompas:Edit

Playing as them ensures a little rounded adventure to your journey.

The Blueberry oompa loompas are the unfortunate victim testers of Wonka's Magic Chewing Gum.

It always goes wrong when it comes to the desert.

The blueberry oompa loompas' only use is rolling over enemies and weighing down switches.

4. Firespitters:Edit

These Loompas are only located in the Exploding Candy room and operate the Canon turretts.

They also in combat as name suggests let out an engulfing flame from the mouth and deliver quite enemy affective fireballs.

5. Electricians:Edit

The Electrician Oompa Loompas fix switches that have fried from over voltage and can safely cross electric fields.

They also pack quite a zap in combat with cheeky electric hand buzzers.

6. Rollers:Edit

The Roller oompa loompas help operate the wheel oriented vehicles of the game.

7. Snozzwanger riders:Edit

These brave loompas ride the dreaded Snozzwanger of the Jungles of Loompaland.

8. Hornsnogglers:Edit

These particular loompas ride the sea bound Hornsnogglers.

9. Knits:Edit

These final riding variety of loompas ride the Vicious Knits which are earth bound.

10. Stretch Loompas:Edit

These oompa loompas have been affected by oompa loompas stretching stank taffy which has made them unusually flexible and useful.

11. Hair Toffee Oompa Loompas:Edit

These oompa loompas are coated in a thick mass ogf hair whihc has a scare effect on enemies.

12. Divers:

Diver Oompa Loompas can reach the bottom of your pond...and dreams.

Wonka Mobile Yes
Oompa Bikes Yes
Great Glass Elevator Yes
The Sea Horse Candy Boat Yes
Wonka Candy Pogonator Yes
Wonka Flyers Yes

I've got another Puzzle for YouEdit

The oompa loompas musical abilities in the game ensure lots of studs released from objects unable to withstand the power of their little voices.

Oompa Loompas since the firing of the workers and closing of the Factory Fifty Years ago have been the only source of employement in the Wonka Factory and are keen on Cocoa Beans.

They are after all rather mischievous.