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The Golden Ticket Finders is a group of playable characters in LEGO Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Gluttony, Pride, Greed, SlothEdit

The Four other finders of the golden tickets beside Charlie Bucket are a series of naughty, misbehaved and incredibly unappealing children who fit into the categories of Deadly Sins.

1. Augustus-Gluttony

2. Veruca Salt-Greed

3. Violet-Pride

4. Sloth-Mike Teavee

They each are accompanied by a mother or father and play a vital role as characters and dilemmas in the game.

Each with their own unigue candy abilities and filled with alluring unlockables guaranteed to keep you playing the game for hours on end.

Now who have we got hereEdit

Augustus Gloop: Dussledorf, Germany( pronounced Duss-el-hime). A Large overwight boy who consumes everything he can lay his fingers upon.

Is the son of a proud local pork butcher and plays a vital playable character in the chocolate factory level first parts of Wonka Arc and Charlie Arc.