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I am Veruca Salt and Its Very Nice to Meet You SirEdit

Veruca Salt is a playable character in LEGO Charlie the Video Game.

She first appears in the Wonka arc chapters 6-7.

Then in the same number levels in Charlie.

Theyre Jelous of MeEdit

Veruca has a different look and set of powers, candy concotions and vehicles between the Wonka and Charlie film arcs.

Veruca can operate the nut sorting squirrels, Golden Egg Geese, Has an unlimited rage power and use the candy powers Lollypopper Swirl & Licorice Whip.

She is played beside Charlie Bucket, Mike Teavee, The Oompa Loompas in yellow, Nut Sorting Squirrels and Mr. Wonka.

Wonka Mobile No
Great Glass Elevator Only Usable in Free Play Nut Sorting Room
The Sea Horse Candy Boat Yes
Wonka Candy Pogonator Yes
Wonka Flyers Yes
Exploding Candy No
Wriggle Sweets Yes
LollyDoodle Punch Yes
Candy Cane Bomb Yes
Control Cane No

But I Want ItEdit

Veruca Salt is the second finder of the golden tickets.

Veruca is from Buckingshire England where she is the daughter of a rich nut shelling buisness owner.

Veruca is a loud hypnotic greedy little girl wanting everyone she doesnt have.

She soon finds that her downfall inside the Wonka factory.

Unlock over 100 silhouettes including the fur coat, red candy blazer and garbage cover.

Unlock hidden vehicles and oompa loompas exlusively for Veruca.

Create over 100 candy concoctions only for Veruca Salt.

And experience the damage of a greedy loud girl in LEGO Charlie.